I’m Joaquina, a designer based in Berlin. I have studied UX-, UI-, Web design and Fine Arts in Spain, Holland and Germany.


I have made constant use of what I learned at the Art Universities –particularly how to think critically and creatively- to solve problems.


The combination of having an art background, which makes you think outside the box, and the graphic and digital design background, of working analytically and goal oriented, has been essential for my development as a designer.


Visual Design, Typography, Illustration, Print, Web design, Web accessibility, Responsive Design, UI & UX Design, Mobile first, Content Strategy, User Journey, Usability, App Interface Design, User Journey, Information Architecture, Wireframe, Mockup, Prototyping, HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, User-Centered Design.




Kunst-Stoffe e.V., Repair Cafe Soldiner Kiez, Repair Cafe Xberg, German-Watch, Lesben Beratung e.V., LesMigras e.V., Lamono Magazine, JBR-Treches, Neukoelln Import, Quartiers Management Soldiner Kiez, Lena Rosa Haendle, Tenades, La Fuente, Elisa Garrote Gasch, Nossa Schaeffer, Ideen Aufruf, Open Space Gallery, Thematica Events.




» contact@joaquinagarrotegasch.com


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